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Self-Powered Displays Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019260D
Publication Date: 2003-Sep-08

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John Bryan Vincent Derrick W. Flick Mitchell G. Dibbs
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A self-powered electrochromic display can be made using the materials taught in WO 02/075441. These materials use an oxidation/reduction (redox) material to generate proton or hydroxide ions, thus creating a pH gradient in the cell, and an indicator dye or complex to cause a color change. A display cell consists of the oxidation/reduction material placed between two electrodes of different composition - the preferred embodiment consists of a transparent metal oxide electrode and a metal electrode. This display cell can be used as a galvanic cell (i.e. battery) to power the display (creating a color change due to pH change in the redox material next to the electrode) without external power supply.