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Enzymatic liquefaction of Tapioca

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019279D
Publication Date: 2003-Sep-09

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Enzymatic liquefaction of Tapioca (Manioc, Cassava) roots, chips and starch into fermentation substrates has been known for many years. Based on developments within the field of industrial enzymes, it is has been established that using recently developed 'improved' commercial alpha-amylases (such as Liquozyme X, Termamyl LC and Termamyl SC, all commercial enzymes obtainable from Novozymes A/S, Denmark) in a cooking process (e.g. in a jet cooker) makes it possible to liquefy starch from tapioca chips for use as fermentation substrate or for syrup production. By 'improved' is meant enzymes with improved properties, including but not limited to reduced calcium dependency, changed pH profile, faster viscosity reduction, altered product profile and/or changed substrate specificity.