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Hydrogen Chloride Cylinder Containment Cap Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019341D
Publication Date: 2003-Sep-11

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This research disclosure describes a device which allows the non-destructive removal of product from high pressure containers with blocked valve inlets. DOT Specification 3AA1800 high pressure steel cylinders, twenty-four inches in diameter and ninety inches in length, are used to transport anhydrous hydrogen chloride. Due to the very corrosive nature of this product, the inlet of the cylinder valve sometimes becomes plugged. When this happens, there are two ways to handle the problem: slowly unscrew the valve to cause a leak where the valve screws into the cylinder, or pierce the cylinder. The loosening of the valve can be very dangerous as the valve can blow out during this operation, causing instantaneous release of the 600 pounds of product and the valve can become a dangerous projectile. The controlled piercing of the cylinder with the appropriate equipment is safer, but results in the destruction of the cylinder.