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Integrated Air Booster and Oxygen Compressor for Partial Pumped LOX Cryogenic Air Separation Process Cycle Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019372D
Publication Date: 2003-Sep-12

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Disclosed is a new configuration for an integrally-geared type centrifugal compressor in which, when applied with partial pumped liquid oxygen (LOX) and similar cryogenic air separation process cycles, combines on a single compressor frame the duties for compression of the air steam utilized to boil the effluent liquid oxygen and compression of that effluent oxygen stream. The new combined compression configuration has some or all of the following advantages: 1) A single compressor frame is utilized for both duties, and therefore, a cost savings can be realized, 2) Site space savings also may be realized, 3) Aerodynamically, the matching of the compression duties in this prescribed configuration can be more energy efficient as compared to other compression configurations, and 4) Mechanically this configuration allows better matching of the rotating components, including the gearing, as compared to other configurations.