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Use of Calibration Gas in a Helium Matrix for Calibrating APIMS Used to Analyze Impurities in any Gas Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019382D
Publication Date: 2003-Sep-12

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The normal practice in the calibration of an atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometer (APIMS) is to use a calibration gas mixture in the same gas as the gas to be analyzed. Typically an APIMS is used to determine impurities in bulk N2, Ar, H2 and He. Thus to analyze the four bulk gases four calibration standards one each in N2, Ar, H2 and He are required. In addition if one wants to estimate the maximum concentration possible of CO and N2 in Ar, H2 and He, single component standards of either N2 or CO in Ar, H2 and He are also needed. Thus a total of at least 7 calibration standards are required. In order to accurately quantify the APIMS results the calibration standards have to be analyzed against primary standards.