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Oxygen Enrichment of Air: Process Developments and Economic Trends Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019383D
Publication Date: 2003-Sep-12

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Many industrial processes are based on oxidation reactions to produce heat, power, inorganic and organic compounds. Some of these processes take the oxidation reactions to completion, such as the combustion of fuels to yield heat and/or power. Other processes are based on incomplete or partial oxidation. Examples of partial oxidation processes include the formation of ethylene oxide or the formation of synthesis gas (typically a mixture predominantly containing carbon monoxide and hydrogen) from a hydrocarbon feedstock. Atmospheric or ambient air is a logical source of oxygen for industrial use. It can be drawn from the atmosphere into the process using a natural draft or compressed for use in processes operating at above atmospheric pressure. If carbon dioxide, water or pollutants will interfere with the oxidation process or introduce impurities into the final product, the air may be pretreated to remove the problem component(s).