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Liquid Distributor with Floating, Slotted Tubes Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019389D
Publication Date: 2003-Sep-12

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Packed distillation columns require uniform liquid distribution within the packing for optimum performance. Typically, liquid distributors, whose main function is to irrigate the packing uniformly above a packed section, consist of a Primary Distributor and a Secondary Distributor. The Primary Distributor (or "Pre-distributor") takes liquid from a collection pot and feeds it to the Secondary Distributor, which irrigates the packing directly. Typically, liquid is transferred from both the Primary and Secondary Distributors by means of a plurality of holes, orifices, slots, or weirs. Because the flow rate of liquid through or over holes, orifices, slots, or weirs depends on the liquid level on their upstream side, the liquid level must be approximately constant to achieve uniformity of irrigation.