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Liquid N2 Refrigerated N2 Plant Process

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019401D
Publication Date: 2003-Sep-12

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A cryogenic process for the production of gaseous N2 with an air compressor, air purification and a cryogenic section has the following features: The cryogenic section has a main exchanger and a single distillation column with a top condenser. Air is fed from the main exchanger to the distillation column. Product gaseous N2 is withdrawn from the top of the column and warmed to ambient in the main exchanger. Crude liquid O2 from the base of the column is optionally subcooled against waste before being sent to the condenser where it is vaporised by condensing N2. Liquid N2 produced in the condenser is used as reflux to the column. Vaporised crude O2 is warmed to ambient in the main exchanger. Liquid N2 for refrigeration in injected either into the top of the column, the exchanger, the cold air circuit to the HP column or the cold crude oxygen circuit.