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Trace Analysis of Bulk Electronic Gas Using a Newly Designed Ion Mobility Spectrometer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019405D
Publication Date: 2003-Sep-12

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An atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometer (APIMS) is the only analytical technique that provides an accurate measurement of trace impurities in electronic bulk gases at levels below 1 part per billion (ppb). Recently, it has been shown that an ion mobility spectrometer (IMS) is capable of determining the amount of trace impurities at levels below 1 ppb. PCP is a manufacturer of the IMS. The IMS is potentially an alternative technique to the APIMS. The advantages of the IMS over the APIMS are the cost and simplicity of the instrument. The cost of the IMS could possibly be a third of the APIMS. The IMS operates at atmospheric pressure and does not require any vacuum components. This makes the IMS more rugged than the APIMS. The IMS instrument for this application is not yet commercially available. To the best of our knowledge, some IMS manufactures are developing the IMS instrument for trace analysis of bulk gases. We anticipate that the IMS instrument will be commercially available by 2001.