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Production of Low Oxygen Content Gas Turbine Combustion Diluent Streams Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019410D
Publication Date: 2003-Sep-12

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This report describes a method to reduce the oxygen content of a nitrogen feed stream to a gas turbine. The oxygen contained in the nitrogen stream is reacted with a fuel to produce a low residual oxygen content. The treated stream is used in a gas turbine to improve operation. The operation of a gas turbine can be improved through the addition of a low oxidant bearing stream. One area in which it is used is to reduce oxides of nitrogen, a major source of pollution. Introduction of an inert stream into the fuel or into the combustor area will lead to a lower adiabatic flame temperature. A lower flame temperature results in reduced formation of oxides of nitrogen or NOx. If the oxidant concentration in this inert gas stream is too high, then its ability to reduce the formation of NOx is reduced. Of equal importance are the safety implications of mixing an oxidizing stream with a hot fuel stream.