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Mixed Purity Oxygen Facility Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019411D
Publication Date: 2003-Sep-12

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Large, multi-train ASU facilities enjoy significant cost savings through the purchase and erection of identical sets of equipment. In a prototypical study for a partial oxidation facility, six identical air compressors were headered together to feed four air pretreatment units. Air from these units split to feed four cold boxes and four booster air compressors for a total facility production of 18,000 short tons per day of oxygen at 97% purity. Although the predominant need was for 97% oxygen, some processes or facility locations may require the production of some oxygen at higher purities (99.5 to 99.8% purity). The high purity oxygen may coincide with production of some argon or other high purity byproducts such as LOX and LIN.