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NF3 Abatement using a Caustic Liquid Scrubber Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019420D
Publication Date: 2003-Sep-12

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Abatement of NF3 is traditionally carried out using high temperatures and/or the introduction of reducing agents such as carbon, hydrogen, metal oxides or hydrocarbons . The oxidized stream is then scrubbed to remove the HF byproduct produced. Since NF3 has over 8000 times the global warming potential of CO2 on a lb basis , it is imperative that atmospheric vent gases containing NF3 be kept to a minimum. This is especially important for manufacturing facilities where the potential to vent large volumes of pure NF3 are more common. We have discovered that NF3 under certain conditions will react with caustic (KOH) to produce nitrogen, oxygen and potassium fluorides in high efficiencies at feed rates in excess of 30 lbs/hr of NF3.