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Application of ITM Oxygen to Autothermal Reforming Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019430D
Publication Date: 2003-Sep-12

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Ion transport membranes (ITM) may be applied to the fluidized bed autothermal steam reforming (ATR) process in a manner that allows both the oxidation and reforming reactions to occur simultaneously. The ITMs can be mounted either inside or outside the reformer. In the fluidized bed autothermal reforming process, catalytic action takes place across a bed of finely divided catalyst. The flow of feedstock and oxygen-rich gas through the catalyst creates turbulence in the bed, exposing the greatest possible catalyst surface area for reaction. This large specific area greatly increases the effectiveness factor of the catalyst, which, due to various factors, is relatively low in processes using reformer tube technology. Increasing the effectiveness factor allows the plant designer to decrease the amount of catalyst used for a desired rate of feedstock processing. Additional capital cost savings are realized in the elimination of costly reformer tubes and the scaling down or elimination of other equipment used in older reforming technologies, as allowed by the higher efficiency of the fluidized bed process.