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Integration of ITM Oxygen with Coal Gasification, Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis Liquid Fuels Production Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019435D
Publication Date: 2003-Sep-12

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Oxygen can be recovered from air at high temperatures by passing hot, oxygen-containing gas, preferably air, over non-porous, solid electrolyte ceramic membranes. These membranes, known in the art generically as ion transport membranes (ITMs), utilize an electrochemical potential difference across the membrane to cause oxygen ions to migrate through the membrane. Membranes can be fabricated as tubes or flat plates that are arranged in modules for efficient contact with the hot feed air. High-purity oxygen permeate and nitrogen-enriched non-permeate products are withdrawn from the modules. The oxygen can also be produced by the ITM device at pressures exceeding the feed air pressure. A comprehensive review of ion transport membranes is given by J. D. Wright and R. J. Copeland in Report No. TDA-GRI-90/0303 prepared for the Gas Research Institute, September 1990.