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Sample Vessel for Low Vapor Pressure Measurements Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019438D
Publication Date: 2003-Sep-12

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It is of great importance to know the saturated vapor pressure at file operating temperature when designing vapor corrosion inhibitors (VCI), fluid dynamic bearing motor oils and Zdol based reservoir lubrication. Vapor pressure is required to calculate the minimum amount of VCI to be placed in the file to last the lifetime of the file. The concept of the lubricant reservoir system uses a volatile lubricant that is positioned in the file's enclosure. The vapor pressure is employed to control the lubricant's thickness and to model the vapor phase concentration distribution over the lifetime of the file. One key parameter of the fluid dynamic bearing motor oil is to have a vapor pressure that is low enough to avoid evaporation at the highest operation temperature. Since these materials have very low vapor pressures, the options for apparatus to measure vapor pressures are limited. This invention relates to the design of a sample holder to be used for vapor pressure measurements