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Method and apparatus for filling pre-fabricated bags with a flowable or pourable product. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019500D
Publication Date: 2003-Sep-17

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The pre-fabricated bag is made of a flexible, heat-sealable material and provided with a filling opening (33). In a first step of the method, the bag is suspended sub-stantially vertically by means of two mutually equidistant gripping members (44, 45), which are brought into engagement with a side edge portion of the bag having a filling opening. In a second step, opposing side walls (1, 2) of the bag are moved apart in the area of the filling opening (33) by moving the gripping members to-wards each other. In a third step, the bag is inflated by means of a pressurised gas so as to adopt a shape corresponding substantially to the shape of the bag in its filled state. In a fourth step, the bag is filled and in a fifth step, the gripping members are moved apart to bring the opposing side walls into mutual abutment in the area of the filling opening. Finally, the filling opening (33) is sealed for closure of the bag. Support is maintained during the filling and preferably also during the sealing of the bag.