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Electronic starter for a hermetic refrigeration compressor Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019541D
Publication Date: 2003-Sep-18
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This disclosure relates to the placement of an electronic starter device inside the compressor shell. Hereby communication via the fusite with outside electronics is enabled.

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Electronic starter for a hermetic refrigeration compressor

This disclosure relates to compressors, and in particular to hermetic cooling compressors. Such compressors typically comprise a run winding and a start winding inside a compressor shell, and a starter deviced placed outside the shell. The electrical connection between run winding and starter winding is made via a socalled fusite which is welded to the shell. The starter device typically incorporates a PTC-resistor which turns off the start winding after a certain amount of time. However it would be advantageous to incorporate the starter into the shell. This is an old idea already described in US 3,913,342. Inserting a fully electronic starter device on the inside of the compressor shell is also known, e.g. from WO 00/57528.

The disposal of the PTC in a fully electronic version gives an advantage, because the PTC power loss is avoided. This typically amounts to 2-3 Watt. The fully electronic version is a monolitic solution with one or more current switches - e.g. a triac - and controls on the same substrate, typically a printed circuit board. The inside-the-shell mounting gives the further advantage, that the fusite can be made with only two through-pins instead of the usual three. Or the fusite can keep the conventional three pins, whereby the third pin is used for failure indication purposes, i.e. alarm or status signals are present on the third pin. Such failure signals can be stalled motor, high temp...