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Vacuum Toner Sampler Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019550D
Publication Date: 2003-Sep-18
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A device is described for sampling toner particles during manufacture.

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Vacuum Toner Sampler

Mechanical samplers have introduced coarse particles in the samples, thus contaminating the sample.

The sample evacuates the sample jar using an eductor and valve number one, It is then closed and the vacuum monitored by gage one.

The evacuated air is fed back into the toner product stream so there’s no need for any filters. Valve number two opens and the toner between the double

flap valves (DFV) (in the screener cyclone discharge system for example) during the double flap sequence is ‘sucked’ into the sample jar. No

Mechanical devices are used to capture the toner so no coarse particles are produced.


-         Ease of Sampling

-         Dust free sampling

-         Coarse particle free sampling