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Composite molded magnet Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019556D
Publication Date: 2003-Sep-18
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A method to mold magnets for electrophotographic development rolls is described

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Composite molded magnet

Molded magnets for electrophotographic development rolls often require a very thick section to enable magnetic properties (see figure 1). Thick sections result in a very long cycle time and parts that are difficult to keep straight. Parts tend to come out of mold with a bow. The bowed shape of the magnets often does not meet design requirements.

The solution is to inject molded magnet material down the axis of a steel tube that has cross-holes machined through the tube to allow the material to flow into the cavity of the mold (see figure 2). The steel tube acts to keep the magnet from bowing and the steel tube can be sized to fit into bearings inside of the sleeve that revolves around the magnet (see figure 3).