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Attachable Post Lifting Device to use within gravity feed and powered Dynamic Storage Racks Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019557D
Publication Date: 2003-Sep-18
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An attachable post lifting device is described for freeing jammed pallets from relatively inaccessible positions.

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Attachable Post Lifting Device to use within gravity feed and powered Dynamic Storage Racks

Gravity feed roller rack storage is usually configured in 35 ft to 50 ft long lanes to hold standard length pallets loaded with products. Recent applications of this roller rack were configured in 90-foot long lanes x 3 levels high (qty. 90 lanes). Lifting jammed product (on broken slats) usually has required application of levers and brute force deep within racks where extended forks on a lift truck will not reach near a jam. In lower lanes, a hoist may be rigged to components of higher lanes; in top lanes, the roof joists are not certified to use to attach lifting devices. This has forced all attempts at lifting a jammed load to be done from under the product (potential safety risk for maintenance personnel in "lifting", in pinch points, and maintaining safe footing).

The attachable lifting post is a unique device, designed specifically for use within dynamic storage racks. It may be (1) carried within a long rack bay, (2) threaded up thru the open space between pallets (full pallet loads may remain in place under the jammed pallet), (3) set in place on its base plate, (4) main lower exterior post bolted to a cross member low near the floor, (5) intermediate and/or final interior post raised till block & tackle set is above the jam, then posts bolted fixed into extended position (6) then upper post may be clamped or bolted in a fairly rigid position to higher cross members. Lifting...