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©Laser-absorption Oxygen Monitor for Beam-Sealed ArF Laser System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019562D
Publication Date: 2003-Sep-18
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Robert J. Rafac: INVENTOR


©Purpose and advantage of invention: To periodically check purge integrity of a beam-sealed laser system and optics modules without the need for an expensive oxygen monitor. Short description of invention (Include or attach appropriate sketches, and point out novel features): Laser software would incorporate an automated wavelength scan option (like that used in AWR). The power at the autoshutter would be recorded as a function of wavelength. Software would look for an absorption dip at the wavelengths corresponding to oxygen lines, and use the size of the dip to estimate the oxygen concentration in the beam-sealed volume and modules. If this number is out-of-spec, the laser would shut down and alert the operator to a condition which could damage the optics. Such a procedure could be performed concurrently with the AWR and auto power calibration on the XL series product.

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Active Compensation of Acoustics Induced Laser Parameters Fluctuation





B.         Purpose and advantage of invention:

Proposed method being active by nature (with feedback) can significantly reduce acoustics

related variation of laser parameters in wide range of operation conditions.


C.         Short description of invention (Include or attach appropriate sketches, and point out novel features):

Single or series of point-sources of acoustic waves (chirps), e.g. piezo transducers, mounted inside and along the chamber, composing distributed source, generate acoustic field conjugated

to the one existing in the chamber and disturbing the laser characteristics. Spectral range and algorithm of acoustic control can be determined for each particular application (chamber configuration, operating mode…)