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Automatic input method language switching mechanism by using contents language information Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019566D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Sep-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Sep-19
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Provide a mechanism to switch input method engine language automatically to appropriate one based on application contents.

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  Automatic input method language switching mechanism by using contents language information

In a multiple lingual environment, you can edit multiple languages in a  single application. For example, you can read and reply a mail in Chinese and Japanese with a  single multiple lingual mail client application. Actually, when you reply to the Chinese mail, you need to switch input  method engine (IME) to Chinese by using a hot-key for switching. Then  you also need to switch IME to Japanese when you write a reply to the  Japanese mail. The invention provides an automatic IME language switching mechanism which  leaves out such manual IME switching as described above..

Some application contents such as mail or HTML has an identifier to specify  a language of the content. You may also detect the language of the  content by checking range of codeset in the content. When you change into a reply mode in a mail client application, the  application calls an IME API (or send a message to IME) to change the  IME language to appropriate one that was determined as above.

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