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Publication Date: 2003-Sep-22

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Cast aluminium rim wheels are turned, deburred, and eventually sand blasted and painted. Deburring is usually done by hand with files, scrapers, milling tools or by automatic machines running conventional brushing tools. All the wheel clearances, the valve hole and sometime the outside diameter are deburred. Because of their limited access, small and narrow holes are very difficult to efficiently deburr. Brushing machines are not 100 % efficient as the brushes must be profiled to each wheel shape and they loose their profile as they wear down. In addition, brushes are inefficient in deburring hole edges that are parallel to the wheel diameter, as the brush fibres cannot effectively contact the edge. As a consequence, corrosion occurs after a period of time. Car manufacturers are very strict on corrosion resistance and the rim wheels must pass a salt spray test to be approved for use. Additional surface conditioning steps are usually required to prepare the wheel faces before painting. An improved method to deburr rim wheels is by using flexible resin moulded discs with a high content of minerals of various grits.