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Protection of embedded software in ballast circuits Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019609D
Publication Date: 2003-Sep-23
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Protection of embedded software in ballast circuits

    In case a ballast circuit for supplying a lamp comprises a microcontroller with software the following possibilities exist to protect the software:

    1) In case the microcontroller has a unique hardware code, the software may comprise an encrypted code that disables the software when it is used on a microcontroller having another or no hardware code. This renders copying of the software useless since it can only be used in combination with one microcontroller.

    2) The software can be watermarked, so that copied software can be identified as originating from Philips.

    3) An encrypted code can be introduced into the software identifying the product in which it was installed. This makes it possible to trace the software back to the original product incorporating this software and thus to the customer who bought this product so that insecure product distribution channels can be identified.

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