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Role Based User Assistance (Help) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019699D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Sep-25
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Sep-25
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Disclosed is a system for providing user assistance that is geared to users' roles. Currently so-called role-based, user-specific online help information is available for software programs and the information is usually attached to a particular part of the interface. However, that same information could be available to all users of the software through the online help index or search function. Some of this information is not necessary for a particular set of users and some of the information could even breach security requirements of the entities using the software.

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Role Based User Assistance (Help)

  This disclosure provides for just-in-time role-based online help information. Online help information is currently stagnant with only one version of the information available for various user sets and variable product features. This works fine as long as the only access a given user has to the help information is by initiating the help from a particular screen or field on a screen of an interface. Problems arise when users can access help information through an index or a search function. Using conditional processing when developing the online help information and or building the help when a user logs in to the program determines what online help is available and to whom it is available.

Conditional processing would ensure that the help information that is available with a software program provides help that is specific to the user who logs into the program. For example, one set of user assistance is available when a user logs in as an administrator and another set is available for users who log in as operators.

Conditional processing also addresses security implications that could arise when all online help information for a software program is available to all users through search and index functions in the help. With conditional processing, only information that is pertinent to specific users is available in the online help information (even through the search and index functions).

Furthermore using conditional processing means that when an application includes features that are available for additional costs, the help information that goes along...