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Dual Lumen Inflatable Lead Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019703D
Publication Date: 2003-Sep-25
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A lead system is provided which integrates a first and second spinal cord leads with an inflatable lumen attached therebetween. The combined two lead system permits the leads to be placed in parallel to each other and fixes the two leads to prevent lead migration relatively to each other. The inflatable lumen is deflated during implantation and inflated once the lead system is implanted. The inflated lumen precisely spaces the distance between the first and second spinal cord leads.

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Dual Lumen Inflatable Lead


Spinal cord stimulation (SCS) typically involves implanting two leads within the epidural space of the patient. To implant the leads, one lead is implanted through the left side of the epidural space and second lead is implanted into the patient’s right side of the epidural space. The objectives for implanting the leads are: (1) to place the leads as close to the spinal cord as possible to reduce stimulation thresholds and thereby minimize the power requirements of stimulation; (2) to place the first and second leads in parallel to each other, so that electrical field (current) steering can be performed more effectively; and (3) to fixate both leads in the epidural space to prevent or reduce lead migration after the leads have been implanted. Currently, there is no multi-filar lead technology available to provide all of these needs simultaneously.

Detailed Description

The solution to the above-described problem is a novel multi-filar lead system.

FIG. 1A and FIG. 1B show the multi-filar lead system.

FIG. 1A shows the elements of the system. The lead system includes two conventional leads, 20 and 30, having multi-electrode contacts 25 and an inflation lumen 40 placed between the first lead 20 and second lead 30. FIG. 1A shows the inflation lumen 40 attached between the first lead 20 and the second lead 30. The inflation lumen 40 is shown deflated in FIG. 1A.

FIG. 1B shows the same system as that shown in FIG. 1A but with the inflation lumen 40 inflated. The inflation balloon lumen 40 may be made from material similar to that used to construct intra-aortic balloon pumps or for balloons for performing angioplasty.

FIG. 2 shows an illustration of the lead system wrapped in a sheath 10 which can be split after the leads are implanted.

In operation the two lead system with the integrated inflation lumen 40 is wrapped in a sheath 10 as shown in FIG. 2. While the inflation lumen 40 is deflated, the assembled system with the wrapped sheath is inserted through a previously placed introducer such as a Tuohy needle or similar device that is used in SCS application. To assist in inserting the assembled system through the introducer, a stylet is placed through the st...