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Archiving HD-RGB material on D6-tape Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019774D
Publication Date: 2003-Sep-29
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Archiving HD-RGB material on D6-tape

During the past few years the subject of digital film shooting has posted some new challenging issues. One of these issues is with respect to archiving. Current day high end HD-camera’s (e.g. Viper camera) and digital film capture systems (e.g. DirectorsFriend) can use a 4:4:4 10 bit RGB format. Film material shot in this format will be stored on a Raid of hard-disks via a dual HD-SDI link. Although the storage capacity of hard-disks is high it will not be sufficient for archiving. A possible solution to archive is using a data-recorder. A drawback of such a solution is that quite some time is lost during the conversion to a mounted file-system and writing to tape.

We propose a solution to convert the material from such cameras or digital film capture systems by means of (near) loss-less compression to a 4:2:2 HD-SDI stream, with 10 bits for the luminance and 8 bit for the chrominance. Such a stream can be recorded and played back directly on a D6 tape. In such a way real-time archiving and retrieval will be achieved.

A block-diagram is attached in order to clarify above described solution.