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Distributed Antenna System, RF Radiating Parking Strips and Speed Bumps Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019776D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Sep-29
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Sep-29
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This Disclosure addresses the RF Distribution of vehicular networks in a stationary environment. The disclosure represents the managed RF Distribution of IEEE802.11B systems for this environment, though the concepts are applicable to any vehicular radio system including Bluetooth, and emerging IEEE standards. The Distributed Antenna System is designed using well established principals around leaky RF Transmission lines in a ground originating way, to minimize interference and to manage the RF Environment down to very small cells. In leverages the benefits of the vehicle structure to shadow the antenna and thereby minimized the client and infrastructure RF leakage.

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Distributed Antenna System, RF Radiating Parking Strips and Speed Bumps

Distributed Antenna System for Fixed Vehicular Wireless Networks

    Disclosed is a distributed antenna system implementation for fixed wireless vehicular networks. The key aspects of this disclosure relate to creating predictable RF (radio frequency) coverage with minimal interference susceptibility between a fixed infrastructure environment and a stationary vehicle.

    The antenna system provides a leaky transmission line encased in a hardened material for ground originating RF signals. The hardened material serves as a speed bump or parking space barrier. Figure 1 describes a tuned 2.4 GHz 50 ohm transmission line on a ground plane

Top View

50ohm coaxial cable

Internal Leaky Transmission Line Antenna Design Fig 1.

    . Figure 2 describes the encasement in a hardened material such as concrete. Tuned Slots in the encasement provide slotted radiators to the vehicle.

Ground Plane

Tuned 50 ohm transmission line @ desired frequency 2.4Ghz

Distance of Speed Bump or Parking Barrier ~ 6'

Concrete Antenna Encasement Side View

    Top View

                          Fig 2. Figure 2 is a side view and top view of an ground radiating parking barrier. In a typical implementation in a user's garage, a vehicle will pull up to the parking barrier and stop with the hood extending over the barrier.


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