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A radiator arrangement for a vehicle Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019823D
Publication Date: 2003-Sep-30

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A conventional radiator arrangement comprises a radiator fan, which provides an airflow through a radiator mounted behind the radiator fan. Conventional radiators are substantially quadrangular. In the most cases, the airflow in the corners of the radiators is very low. Thereby, the heat transferring surfaces located in the corners of a conventional radiator do not provide an effective cooling of a coolant flowing in the radiator. The radiator arrangement, according to the invention, comprises a radiator fan, which provides a radial airflow outwardly and a radiator having an annular extension around the periphery of the radial radiator fan. The radial radiator fan provides here a substantially uniform airflow in all radial direction through the annular radiator. Thereby, the coolant obtains an effective cooling at substantially all heat transferring surfaces in the annular radiator. Consequently, such an annular radiator requires a smaller space than a conventional quadrangular radiator having the same cooling capacity.