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Screening Tests for Evaluation of Potential Efficacy of Chronic Neurostimulation as a Therapy for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019860D
Publication Date: 2003-Oct-01

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Todd K. Whitehurst James C. Makous James P. McGivern Jerome Buller
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Methods for evaluating whether a patient with pelvic floor dysfunction(s) is suited to therapy via chronic neuromodulation (e.g., with a system control unit and lead(s)/catheter(s) or microstimulator(s)) are disclosed. Based on the results of these acute or subacute (i.e., less than or equal to 31 day) Screening Tests, patients may be accepted or rejected for chronic neuromodulation to treat pelvic floor dysfunction, such as urinary urgency, frequency, urge incontinence, stress incontinence, fecal incontinence, and pelvic pain.