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Visual Assisted Tabbing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019869D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Oct-03
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Oct-03
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Tabbing order, especially on complex interfaces, can be misleading or unnecessarily complicated due to poor design. Poorly accessible UI's are not always a result of incorrect ordering of tabbable components, but mostly the result of complex framesets or layout of heavy form elements. Likewise, good designs do not always equate to natural keyboard accessibility. Today, in terms of accessibility, users must become familiar with UI's through repetition of their use --- aka. learned response.

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Visual Assisted Tabbing

    This paper suggests an enhancement to browsers and/or any UI to visually show tab order when requested by a hotkey. The hotkey would cause the UI to draw lines between 1 - N focusable components sequentially in their tabbing order. When displayed a user can quickly jump to any focusable area by pressing the designated key or keys. This disclosure become helpful to three types of users: novice users, young users, and disabled users. Accelerator keys utilized in existing applications such as Lotus Notes are tied to actions, whereas this disclosure addresses accessibility in terms of focus.

FIGURE 1 - Demonstration of VAT at work

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