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High-bulk Tissue Laminates for Building Materials and Other Purposes Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019880D
Publication Date: 2003-Oct-06

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Jeffrey D. Lindsay Fung-Jou Chen Julie Bednarz


A wide variety of novel uncreped tissue products have been developed in recent years at Kimberly-Clark Corporation. In the past, it was generally believed that creping was needed to produce high-bulk tissue, but creping introduced many limitations. Advances in through-drying technology combined with other operations in novel ways have allowed soft, high bulk tissue to be made without the need to crepe the web. By eliminating the physical and chemical restraints imposed by creping, uncreped through-air dried (UCTAD) tissue has provided new possibilities in the degree of texture, bulk, resiliency, and other properties that can be achieved. Some forms of UCTAD tissue are suitable for creating thick structures with bulk and rigidity laminating to form high bulk multi-ply structures that can be used for many purposes previously outside the scope of conventional tissue. For example, multiple layers of uncreped tissue can be laminated together and optionally coated or impregnated to create board-like materials suitable as a lightweight construction material, thermal insulating material, sound proofing material, customized wall contouring, absorbent ground panels, and so forth. In this paper, we discuss the physics and properties of UCTAD tissue compared to conventional creped tissue, and disclose how laminated multi-ply structures of UCTAD tissue can be used for building materials. We also note that some other forms of tissue can also be used to make related products.