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Spinal Cord Stimulation as a Therapy for Epilepsy Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019881D
Publication Date: 2003-Oct-06

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Stimulation is applied to the mediolateral (autonomic) column or other parts of the spinal cord to treat epilepsy using an electrode and implantable stimulator. Spinal cord stimulation may be used to increase parasympathetic outflow and/or to decrease sympathetic outflow, both mechanisms of which may have therapeutic benefit in the control of epilepsy. Treatment may alternately or additionally be carried out using an implantable pump and a catheter having a proximal end coupled to the pump and having a discharge portion for infusing therapeutic dosages of drugs for treating epilepsy. Stimulation can increase excitement of the parasympathetic and visceral sensory fibers, thereby treating epilepsy. Low-frequency electrical stimulation is likely to produce such excitement. Infusion with an excitatory parasympathetic neurotransmitter agonist, e.g., acetylcholine or acetylcholine receptor agonist, may also produce this effect. The stimulator may also includes means for sensing epilepsy, e.g., via an EEG sensor.