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Synchronizing & Porting Complete Program Structures with Shared & Interdependent Functions between Java & C++ While Maintaining Consistent Structure Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019903D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Oct-08
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Oct-09
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Synchronize and facilitate porting complete program structures with shared and independent functions between Java and C++ while maintaining consistent structure.

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  Synchronizing & Porting Complete Program Structures with Shared & Interdependent Functions between Java & C ++ While Maintaining Consistent Structure

  Java* program classes are structured in a manner that does not lend itself to a direct port to C++. However, some things can be done structurally on both Java & C++ sides to improve and advance the ability to easily port from one to the other. Porting from JavaTM to C++ for some particular program structures when multiple programs are use shared and interdependent objects are not as easily ported to C++ as it would be from C++ to Java.

The solution is to design both the Java & C++ applications to consider the model in Java that is not as easily supported in C++. Using the technique outlined here to design both sides in a similar manner that will allow both sides to be easily ported from one to the other.

Consider the case of an interdependent program structure. It has tools, utilities, and/or programs each that are executable and provide a static function library that they may use internally and may be used externally by other programs. It must be possible to compile each, there exists a desire to use the technique for allowing multiple executable objects in C++, and there is a requirement to avoid duplication or modification of code for compilation.

The technique here is to structure both the Java & C++ side, combining techniques to come up with a new technique, which enables this in an easy maintainable & portable code. This technique here identifies the following Java structure & C++ structure as the solution that best works together in this case.

Java Utility Structure

Primary Program...