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A Method for Monitoring Systems by Using Keyword Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019915D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Oct-10
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Oct-10
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Disclosed is a method that provides dynamic bind of monitored objects.

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A Method for Monitoring Systems by Using Keyword

   Disclosed is a method for dynamic bind of monitored objects on the monitoring systems using meta data such as keyword for the following objectives:

Provide capability of alias function for monitored object such as monitor objective(monitor for normal running or monitor for trial running) or grouping function to categorize monitored object. For example, on the current monitoring system provide capability of bind the target object to monitored object are done by specifying target object information statically such as each static unique name or beforehand assigned id/value, so that it cannot dynamic bind. In that case this disclose reduce re-configuration cost,

The system that implements the invention's method consists of the meta data, meta data generation module and monitor object module.The program that implements meta data generation module and monitor object module run independently each other.

Following steps describe how these programs perform dynamic bind of monitored object.

(1) The meta data generation module generate meta data using system information at the timing of system event or interval time(Fig.1 S01-S03).
(2) When meta data generation is happened, the meta data generation module notify it to monitor object module(Fig1. S04-S05).
(3) The monitor object module monitor using by meta data(Fig.2 S10-S13).

start meta data generation module





Save meta data


Generate meta data dynamically


Does it notify to monitor module?


Does it generate meta data?



Notify occurrence of meta data generation to monitor module



Monitor object module

Read meta data



Monitor object using meta data

 Does it received generation notification from meta data generation module?






For example, when serverA is normal running and serverB/serverC is trial running, meta data generation module generate each type from such as service configuration information. And it also generate server status "running" from such as server status retrieval command. Fig.3 shows example meta data that is described by RDF/XML.

And monitor module have beforehand given monitor condition (e.g. running server should be monitored, trial monitor type should be monitored using specified value such as threshold for warning and normal monitor type should be monitored using specified values also).

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