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Multicolored Absorbent Articles: A Brief History Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019928D
Publication Date: 2003-Oct-10

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Jeffrey D. Lindsay Beth A. Lange


Colored absorbent articles have become a global trend in consumer products. For example, black pantiliners have been introduced to better match black underwear, and combination packs of color-coded or multi-colored absorbent articles such as pantiliners or tampons have been marketed. Colors can be used to help attract consumers, differentiate product forms, create the perception of depth or texture, and improve packaging aesthetics on the shelf or in the home. For those interested in understanding the prior development of such concepts in the literature and market place, an overview is provided of historical trends in the use of color in absorbent articles and packages containing articles having more than one color. While white and non-dyed absorbent articles have long dominated the market, a small sampling of an extensive body of prior art shows that colored absorbent articles in a variety of forms, groupings, and packaging types have been known for many years in the market place. This review highlights a small portion of the patent art, marketed products, and publications on the use of color in absorbent articles and packaging.