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The Historical Use of Information from Incontinent Persons and Their Caregivers Regarding Quality of Life and Product Selection

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019950D
Publication Date: 2003-Oct-13

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Jeffrey D. Lindsay Jennifer Marvin

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6359D - IP.COM [+details]


In spite of many past advances in dealing with the incontinent and the burdens incontinence poses for patients and caregivers alike, there remains much confusion about past progress in these areas. A particular area of confusion deals with the use of information obtained from incontinent persons to help them in the selection of suitable articles. The burgeoning popularity of the Internet as an e-commerce tool, for example, has led some enthusiasts to think that computer-assisted techniques for obtaining and using information for product selection must be a recent phenomenon, but such is not the case. We have previously documented the significant role of computer-based tools for the marketing of products and the associated gathering of marketing research data (J. Lindsay et al., "The Historic Use of Computerized Tools for Marketing and Market Research," published as Document 6359D at IP.com, Dec. 27, 2001 (archived at http://search.ip.com/publication_viewer.jsp?pubID=IPCOM000006359D for those with user accounts and more conveniently available at http://www.geocities.com/marketguy555/ or http://www.jefflindsay.com/market-research.shtml). Here we provide additional historic information regarding the role of obtaining information from patients and caregivers about incontinence, with and without computer assistance, both for assessing the quality of life and also for selecting suitable incontinent devices.