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A Mechanism for Facilitating the Authoring, Review, and Enforcement of Privacy Policies Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019968D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Oct-14
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Oct-14

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Providing the capabilities needed for organizations to ensure that their stated privacy policies are correctly enforced is difficult. Both the construction of the rules needed to define and execute a privacy policy and the presentation of these rules for verification and tracking purposes are complex challenges. This disclosure builds on Disclosure POU829929134 which has been assigned docket number POU920030020 (which defines the use of a "Privacy Label Model" for privacy policy implementation on servers) by using contextual interaction methods within a graphical user interface (GUI). This allows the privacy policy administrator to first define the business context of the privacy policy and then create the policy within this context. Once the policy is created, it allows the administrator to easily view the results within the business context. The addition of the ideas in this disclosure could greatly enhance the usability of a privacy implementation built on the Privacy Label Model and the ease with which policies created using this implementation can be understood. The users of other tools that create and administrator other types of privacy policies have often complained of the difficulty of understanding how to use the tool.