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Quality Module in RSC@ Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019990D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Oct-16
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Oct-16
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Quality Module in RSC@

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Quality Module in RSC@

Main Idea of disclosure

1. Summary of the Invention

The Quality Module in RSC@ (Replenishment Service Center Application) is a tool to process and communicate all kind of Non Conforming Materials (NCM) and to calculate and visualize Supplier Quality Measurement data.

    Problems with production materials discovered in the manufacturing line will be addressed with the tool to the involved IBM internal functions (FA Engineering, PME, Logistics) and to the Supplier. A work flow process assures that the appropriate functions are notified when action is required. The Supplier will have access to the tool to have direct visibility about new problems on his parts, to provide Failure Analysis data, Corrective & Preventive Action and to have access to his Supplier Quality Measurement data. Cycle time of processing the material and for Supplier feedback will be measured with the tool.

The major advantages of using this invention are:

    Supplier Parts Quality level (SPQL) will automatically be calculated in defect parts per million (DPPM). Quality data will be shared between IBM and the Supplier always at the same level of information. The work flow concept improves the cycle time of the physical parts processing and the Supplier actions. Statistics and Measurement data are always generated automatically based on real time data. If data have to be corrected lateron, e.g. root cause is changed lateron based on FA results, data source for statistics is changed accordingly and is kept always up to date.

2. Preferred Embodiment

The Quality Module in RSC@ will work as a relational database (e.g. DB2, ...) with multiple frontends (e.g. lotus notes, websphere, ...) which will include the workflow according to the established process. The Supplier interaction will be provided via the RSC@ internet application.

The process will have the following major steps: - FA Engineering enters and submits new problem entries into the...