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Badge III - Provide standard RF badge with PIN-Input function. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019994D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Oct-16
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Oct-16
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Provide standard RF badge with PIN-Input function

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Badge III - Provide standard RF badge with PIN-Input function.

If a badge is lost and found by someone, unauthorized access could be obtained.

    There are already solutions, where a badge has a keypad and display. Or a keypad is on the wall, where a pin-code can be typed in.

    Suggested is now a low cost version, whereby a badge or badge-holder has for instance only rotary- or linear switches.

    There could be metal contacts or the different positions could be sensed capacitive, by using photocells, magneto resistors or by other appropriate means.

    One rotary switch could be included in another rotary switch and even the center could be movable, to utilize even more possible pin-number combinations.

    Dummy contacts would be used when necessary, so that scratch tracks could not lead to the pin-code.

    When access is given, the mechanical switches would go back to a random position. It could be decided, that the pin-code is necessary only once per day.

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