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New reflector shape for use of 2 separated light sources Disclosure Number: IPCOM000019996D
Publication Date: 2003-Oct-16
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"New reflector shape for use of 2 separated light sources"

Presently it is requested to use 2 light sources instead of only 1 for surgical luminaires. The reasons are 1. to increase the light output, 2. to create a system with flexible beam characteristics, 3. freedom regarding the light level and 4. a safety net in case of failure of 1 bulb. Many of the present surgical lighting luminaires are equipped with only 1 light source or consist of more than 1 effectively separated 1-bulb systems. Some luminaires use 2 or more bulbs but the system efficiency gain is far below the effect of bulbs additionally added. A system efficiency factor of 1.1 for the use of 2 bulbs instead of 1 bulb is the disappointing standard.

The reflector system described here offers 3 different options to optimize the optical system for making efficient use of the adding of additional light sources without the use of a complete 2 optical system. The first option is in principle the shaping of the reflector for the 2 sources located transversally (i. e. besides each other) to the optical axis. So the reflector parts are located besides each other, possibly twisted a little bit referring to the optical axis to focus on the axis. In the second option the 2 sources are located one after the other on the optical axis. Here the reflector shape consists mainly of a reflector having 2 segments one after the other with 2 different light source locations on the optical axis. The third ref...