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Copper Base Graphite Finned Heatsinks Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020011D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Oct-17
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Oct-17
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Combining the use of graphite fins with a copper based heatsink.

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Copper Base Graphite Finned Heatsinks

   Copper Heatsinks work very well, except they are heavy and costly vs aluminum heatsinks. A material with low weight , improved thermal performance and low cost is graphite. However there are many mechanical difficulties in trying to make the fragile graphite structure perform well as a base of a heatsink. Specifically trying to keep a graphite base very flat as well as putting screw supports into the graphite base have each resulted in flaking and other material strength related problems.

The idea here is to use a copper base for a heatsink to eliminate the mechanical problems of graphite , while having the fins made of graphite. The fins may be either joined to the copper base with a thermal epoxy or plated and then soldered. This approach allows the weight benefits of the graphite fins while eliminates the mechanical problems of the base being made of graphite.

Heatsink with Copper Base and Graphite Fins

Disclosed by International Business Machines Corporation

Graphite Fins

Thermal Epoxy or soldered

Copper Base to heatsink


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