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A system and method for displaying conference call participant data to particpants in real time Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020030D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Oct-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Oct-20
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It is a common occurrence on many conference calls for much time to be wasted determining who has joined the call, having to repeatedly list particpants to new joiners and for callers to drop out without the knowledge of the other callers. This may be overcome by the use of videoconferencing, but at a significant cost and the requirement for video facilities for every participant. This disclosure proposes a system and method whereby all particpants with network access are presented with a display in real time of participants as they join and leave the call.

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  A system and method for displaying conference call participant data to particpants in real time

Disclosed is a system and method for displaying the names of participants joining and leaving teleconferences in real time through the use of readily available call-monitoring facilities provided for a local PABX system and accesed through the Internet or an internal Local Area Network.

Example embodiment:

    The current disclosure can be best understood by considering as an example the VoiceRite Assistant (VA)* facility, described at This is commonly used within IBM and allows users to monitor activity on their own telephone extension. VA displays the extension (and if entered in the users phonebook, the name) of any caller to the user's extension as soon as the call is received. It will display additional information such as whether a message is being left and when a caller has hung up. The core idea of this paper is that a VA type facility is used by each participant in a conference call, but for the conference call number in addition to their own extension. This facility will show the identical display - a monitor of the call activity in realtime of the conference call number - to all partcipants on the call with access to it.

    Typical teleconferencing facilities make use of an allocated conference call number. Indeed many individuals have their 'own' conference call dial-in numbers. When a conference call takes place, all participa...