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Method to make a smarter browser URL list cache Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020032D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Oct-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Oct-20
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Proposed is a method to create a smarter browser URL list cache.

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Method to make a smarter browser URL list cache

Currently, web browsers have the technology to list and resolve a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) as the user types it into the address section of a web browser. This provides ease of use since the user does not have to type the URL in full. However the cache of the URLs can be cluttered with incorrectly typed paths. The browser isn't smart enough to clean this clutter for the user. Therefore the user must manually edit his/her address cache to get rid of the URLs that are not valid.

This idea will provide ease of use to the user by making the browser smarter when it caches a web address. This idea would have the browser provide the following:

Invalid URLs are not remembered: web pages not found will be wiped from the users

URL cache (automatically flush from cache)

Provide the ability to flush/clean cache on a per item basis (not just an all or nothing

cache flush)

Duplicate entries are wiped out (or moved down in the list) and you get the URL text

with the highest number of valid visits first

This idea will enable the browser to use information it already has in a way that will benefit the user. The browser currently displays the "Page not found" html when an invalid website address is used. Along with displaying the error html, the browser will now delete this incorrect URL from cached list. This will aid in reducing the clutter that is presented to the user when the user is typing an URL address into the browser....