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Smart interface for photo annotation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020039D
Publication Date: 2003-Oct-21
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By: Yuechen Qian, Evert van Loenen

Problem description

Nowadays, people have lots and lots of digital photos, which are poorly annotated. Without metadata, it's difficult for people to find desired digital photos back. Thus, there is a potential need for software tools that help people enter metadata easily.

Current digital photos are stored in directories of file systems or recordable CDs. With software tools, such as ACDSee, people can annotate photos one by file-by-file and directory-by-directory. This is a cumbersome task for users.

Invention proposal

To facilitate people in annotating digital photos, we propose a new interface for them to perform this task. On any given file system or a photo CD, our interface allows a user to view all stored image files. The user can select multiple thumbnails of photos at a time, by clicking or dragging. Then the user can type in metadata for the selected photos. Our interface is powerful enough to allow the user to make any combination of selection by clicking and dragging. The user of our interface can easily annotate digital photos in batches.

In existing systems, the user selects a photo (or a directory) and adds metadata, and moves onto the next photos when annotating photos. Different form them, in our system, according to this invention, after glancing over an overview of a full collection of photos, metadata (for instance a keyword) is decided and added to all photos that the metadata is associat...