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Direct speed pass email that has special tag in header Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020056D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Oct-22
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Oct-22
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Method to create a direct speed pass email that is identified by a special tag in header

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Direct speed pass email that has special tag in header

Currently, there are many email spam filters on the market. Still, tons of unwanted email makes it into the user's inbox. Sometimes the user accidentally deletes a wanted email or the spam filter filters out a wanted email.

A user can give another user a set of tags that are "once only" use tags that the user can have in the header. This makes the sender's email impervious to spam filtering. Or a user can give a private password to the sender, equivalent to public key filter protector, that would protect the email from being deleted by spam filters. These tags would categorize the emails for the recipient so that they know it is from a person they want email from.

The tags would be set and attached to the sender's email. The recipient's server would be able to decipher these tags accordingly. If the tags are incorrect them the email would be handled as random email. If the tags are correct then the email would not be deleted by email spam filter and categorized maybe through an icon that it's from a known wanted sender.

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