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Nested Tab Popups - A Method For Browsing and Accessing Nested Tabs Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020059D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Oct-22
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Oct-22
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A program is disclosed that provides a mechanism for previewing and accessing (shortcut) nes tabs inside a primary tab without opening the primary tab

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Nested Tab Popups - A Method For Browsing and Accessing Nested Tabs

Background: Often in desktop applications and websites, User Interfaces present secondary tabs within primary tabs (nested tabs) as means of classifying and accessing information. The two-layered tab structure offers a mechanism for grouping information, accessing content, and laying out User Interface components For example...

Traditionally, the nested tabs within a primary tab are shown when the primary tab is selected. That means that in order to uncover the range of content available throughout the application (e.g., through a web site), users are forced to access each primary tab. In the case of a web application, this means opening and rendering the pages associated with each primary tab. This can result in prolonged delay.


1. When the user hovers over a primary tab, the tab would show subtle decorators representing the nested tabs inside a primary tab. There would be one decorator for each nested tab. In the example below, when the users hovers over the "Welcome" tab, four visual decorators are displayed, thus indicating that the "Welcome" primary tab contains four nested tabs.

2. When the users hovers over one of the decorators...
a. The decorator representing that tab is highlighted (e.g., shown in a different color from the rest, and moved to a higher location)
b. The corresponding nested tab is shown above the primary tab


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