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Programming with graphical icons using pressure feedback Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020061D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Oct-22
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Oct-22
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When a mouse is used to select buttons on a grapical user interface, the only data conveyed is whether a mouse button has been clicked when a mouse pointer is over the icon. Often times the mouse button is clicked in error just as the mouse pointer is moving over an icon and this results in unintended consequences.

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Programming with graphical icons using pressure feedback

The proposed method uses pressure sensitive graphical icons, where the intensity with which a mouse button is pressed is also conveyed to the graphical icon. With this feature a GUI programmer can decide that for certain buttons they accept the click only when the mouse button pressure is higher than a certain threshhold.

Two examples of situations where this is useful are: When installing software, the button to accept the license would trigger only when the pressure applied is high enough. While reserving plane tickets, after putting in the preferences, the button to start a search can be set to go only for a high threshold.

This mechanism could also be useful in survey feedbacks to detect the interest of the person completing the survey. If a high pressure was detected for certain icons compared to others, this could be used to place more weight on their answers where the pressure was high. As a result it could give a reading of their level of satisfaction/displeasure.

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