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Outgoing mail sanity filter Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020080D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Oct-23
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Oct-23
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What is proposed is a sender SPAM filter or sanity check filter that is placed on the senders email account so that "bad" mail is stopped before it can be sent. The filter is a rules based filter that the user would customize in a configuration file.

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Outgoing mail sanity filter

There have been many ideas exposed for incoming mail filters. Basically users do not want to receive SPAM for lack of a better description. However, there are cases where users inadvertently cause SPAM or inappropriate mail to be sent. Then, mail must be retrieved (hopefully) before readers can read the errant email or apologies for inappropriate email are next to be tried.

A mail program could be altered to accept this type of sanity filter plugin. The sanity filter would look at a configuration file that might look like this:

if ( && (, then pause_and_check()

Basically, this example shows that if you are sending email to someone with a Yahoo account (which typically is personal non-company correspondence), and you are also sending a note to (meant for business purposes only), then maybe this is inappropriate or an accident. The pause_and_check() function would be one in which the mail is held in a holding queue and a pop-up message is sent to the user highlighting the conflicting address and asking if they wish to continue.

Another twist to this idea is automatic deletion of receivers. An example in the configuration file might look like:

if (email == company_Confidential) {

          if (address of recipient != || (addressof recipient !=

delete this address from send-to list

get netx recepient

while (send-to list not fully visited) {




This sanity filter exampl...