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radio scan for windows Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020081D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Oct-23
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Oct-23
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Window Scan

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radio scan for windows

Many desktops have multiple workspaces which contain some number of windows. A user may have 12 workspaces containing a total of 53 windows. In general, it is difficult to find the desired window. The user can list the title of each window and select any window, but the title is often not descriptive.

The idea is very similar to the "scan" button on your radio. Select scan button and the radio will tune to a station for a few seconds and then automatically move to the next station unless you stop the scan. This invention is to do the same thing with the windows.

The idea is to scan all windows on the system and bring focus to each window in succession for a few seconds. If the user recognizes the desired window the user can stop the scan and focus remains on this window.

Disclosed by International Business Machines Corporation